It can burn,
damage and hurt.

It can also give warmth,
light and create a spark.

Lahav is a non-profit organization started in 2004 dedicated to teaching Israeli couples what Torah and Judaism can offer their marriage and family life.  Simultaneously, we are trying to prevent the damage being done by an archaic system which has been turning off tens of thousands of young Jewish couples in Israel from Judaism each year.

Each year approximately 25,000 secular couples (50,000 people) get married in Israel. BY LAW, EVERY ONE OF THEM MUST ATTEND A RABBANUT CLASS ON TAHARAS MISHPACHA. If not, they WILL NOT RECEIVE A MARRIAGE LICENSE. They literally must knock on our doors!

Unfortunately, before LAHAV, due to this law these young secular Jews have been turned off from their heritage en masse! The Rabbanut classes — given impersonally to large groups, at inconvenient times and in uncomfortable settings, only add insult to the injury. The couples are talked down to, they feel judged and disrespected. This negative experience only proves to them that their many misconceptions of religion and feelings of distrust about religious Jews are accurate. For many, this is the first and probably last time they will have anything to do with religion or religious people. Once traumatized and turned off, possibly for life, how will we get them back?! How many have already been lost in the past 60+ years?

Making things even worse, this Chillul Hashem is happening at a critical juncture in their lives when couples on the verge of marriage are OPEN to their heritage and thinking about family, community and religion. Sadly, these Rabbanut classes create an even greater rift between religious and secular Jews in Israel and an almost irreparable alienation from Judaism.  Overall, the opportunity to reach out and provide 50,000 secular Jews with a positive and impactful Jewish learning encounter is lost every year — not a dream opportunity but an existing reality happening every day.



Lahav has embarked on the biggest outreach and Taharas Mishpacha initiative ever in Israel. We make agreements with the local Rabbanut, whereby ALL THE COUPLES getting married in that city are sent exclusively to Lahav to receive their mandatory classes for an experience that will change their lives. The beauty of our model is that everyone must knock on our door!  Yes! Every person who wants to get married in Israel — lawyers or doctors, bakers or bankers, students or politicians — must come to Lahav to learn.

In our beautiful and inviting centers, young couples learn with their personal teachers, in a private and respectful setting at a time convenient for them. Lahav’s 500 + teachers, in addition to their tremendous Ahavas Yisrael, have all taken our intense Kiruv training courses.  Lahav teachers illustrate the beauty and wisdom behind the mitzvah, revealing its relevance and showing how it can enrich their marriage, all in language the couple can relate to.

Couples treated with dignity and patience actually enjoy the classes! Feeling comfortable in a non-judgmental environment leads them to ask many other questions they may have had about Judaism but were embarrassed to ask. Lahav’s thought-provoking material offers a new perspective on a world they never knew before, causing the couples to realize that Judaism is very different from what they thought. Their feedback to this new discovery, in their own words is that they “feel closer than ever before to their heritage” and they “want to keep learning in the future”! Read more in “Participant Feedback”.

Lahav succeeds on so many levels – creating Jewish Unity and Ahavas Yisrael, changing negative misconceptions and helping young Jewish couples create strong families based on healthy relationships.  Moreover, we facilitate their bond with Torah and increase in Mitzvah observance which turns this positive religious experience into an opportunity to participate in other outreach events so the journey of growth can continue! See more in “Our Success”.

We have, IN OUR HANDS, the ability to reach the ENTIRE next generation of Israeli families over a 20 year period – 50,000 X 20 years is ONE MILLION PEOPLE!

Why lahav?

Do we really need to ask? The time is NOW!

Never before have so many within Klal Yisrael been so far from their heritage. Never before has there been such division in Klal Yisrael.  BUT never before has Klal Yisrael had such a huge opportunity to bridge the gap and connect with our estranged brothers and sisters! Many are interested and willing to listen and learn if they only had the right opportunity. WE MUST MAKE THE MOST OF THIS ONE-TIME CHANCE!

Besides the horrible lack of unity and sinas chinam, we can see clearly how much we ALL lose from the division and fighting. The Israeli government has drastically cut back funding of Yeshivas creating a harsh loss of support for Torah and Bnei Torah. But there is an even harsher loss for secular Israelis, the loss of their zchus of supporting Torah! (That they got just by paying their taxes)

Where does this lack of regard for Torah learning and disdain for religious Jews come from?  From generations of secular Jews being turned off from their heritage and alienated from their brothers and sisters! WE CAN NOW CHANGE THIS!

As we come closer to the end of days, Hashem wants to be close to His children, to bless His children and to see unity among His children.  Perhaps He is providing this amazing opportunity for us to connect with every Jew in Israel, bring them close to Torah and Tahara and to be m’karev them to finally bring the guela shelaima!

Mission Statement

To teach Torah with relevance and respect so non-observant Jews may realize the beauty and wisdom of Torah and Mitzvot. To provide options for them to learn more and incorporate these values into their lives.

To ensure that their first up-close and personal experience with religious Jews and Judaism is positive, respectful and a Kiddush Hashem.


To educate young couples about to get married how Torah wisdom builds successful marriages and enriching lives in language and terms they can relate to. To provide strategies for beginning and maintaining a vibrant marriage and strong family.


To promote greater appreciation, understanding and connection to Judaism for those estranged from it. To create strong Jewish Unity by enhancing the connection among Jews of all backgrounds.

HaRav Simcha HaCohen Kook Shlit’a
Chief Rabbi of Rechovot
Speaks about Lahav

Rabbinical Endorsements

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Our Programs

kallah classes


Our cornerstone project,
an amazing insight into Judaism
at a special time, in which over
18,000 couples have taken part.

learn more

Marriage workshops


Giving important tools that
are sorely needed in our age to help
establish marriages on the foundations
of giving, love, and respect.

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Educational Materials

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Our Success

Participant Feedback

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Government Feedback

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lahav branches


In addition to the Official Branches listed above, Lahav provides classes for couples across the entire country of Israel and around the world through our network of Chasan and Kallah teachers. We are available to all who contact us!

National Opportunity

About This Map

This map shows the approximate amount of secular couples marrying in the various regions in Israel.

Altogether this amounts to 25,000 secular couples (50,000 people) Lahav’s target audience.

All these couples will have to take some type of class this year. We want it to be a positive, growing experience with Lahav!

55% of these couples live in the largest 14 cities in Israel.

17% of these couples live in the next 14 largest cities in Israel.

Many of these cities are close to one another, allowing for one Lahav branch to service several cities.

Altogether over 70% of the couples marrying each year in Israel can be EASILY reached!

Red – Existing Lahav branch
Purple – Branch in progress
Green – City asked Lahav to open branch

nationalopp2 with purple rishon>

Virtual Tour

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Your support is vital to our cause!

We need your help to make a difference in the lives of thousands of young Jewish couples

who are very distant from their heritage. We can not do it without you!

Some of our expenses include


Secretaries and local coordinators who set up all the couples with their individual teachers.


Books, calendars and other educational materials that Lahav gives out to every couple.


Rent for our centers (unfortunately we don’t own any real estate.)

Travel Costs

Travel costs to get the teachers to the centers so they can teach these thousands of couples.  Although the vast majority of our teachers are volunteers and teach for free, most don’t have cars so Lahav pays for their cab fare to get to our centers and back home.


Follow up staff in touch with the couples after their wedding, sending them to the Kiruv organization best suited for them and helping them with more learning opportunities.


Lecturers and facilitators who teach and run Lahav’s own follow up programs.

If we don’t have money for a project, it doesn’t happen!

Lahav does receive some funding from the local Rabbanuts whom we work with, but even when they give us their ENTIRE teaching budget, it is only pennies. In most cities, the local Rabbanut brings in one Kallah teacher once every week or two to teach 10 or 20 or even more Kallot at once for a very short time period.

Bottom line, they were doing it cutting every corner possible, their funding provides less than 10% of Lahav’s budget.


Become a Lahav Kallah Teacher

Lahav needs Kallah Teachers around the globe!

While almost all of our teaching is done in Hebrew in Israel (although we do offer over 10 languages!) Lahav needs teachers outside of Israel too! Many Israeli Kallahs living outside Israel return home for their wedding.

They too must take Kallah classes before getting married in Israel, even if they plan to return abroad after the wedding. Since these Kallot usually arrive in Israel only days before the wedding, they need their classes in chutz l’aretz.

This presents an incredible opportunity to connect with these (usually totally unaffiliated) couples and keep the connection when they come back after their wedding. We’ve even had Lahav teachers in chutz l’aretz make sheva brachos for the couples!

Become a Lahav Representative

Lahav needs volunteers to become representatives in their own community.

Lahav Reps help promote the Lahav project in various ways:

  • They receive updates about Lahav’s accomplishments to share with their community.
  • They act as a resource for people in their town who would like to know more.
  • They help identify members of their community who might want to find out about Lahav’s work and help support it.
  • Lastly, they help promote our Adopt-a-Kallah campaign.

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