Government Feedback

It is known to us from close the important work of this valuable organization Lahav…Baruch Hashem, we have seen great results and it is known to us many families that have “strengthened” greatly as a result of their activities…we bless them on their initiative and turn to our brothers to help them continue and expand their work….
For years now, I am aware of your great work in your teaching “Bnos Yisrael” and your follow up with them. I, myself, have merited to work together with Lahav. I personally sent Kallot to learn at Lahav (while Chief Rabbi of Modiin) and have seen that the results are excellent. The work is done quietly, tastefully, and with a warm countenance that penetrates the hearts of the Kallot and causes them to love this mitzva (Taharas Mishpacha)…
I call out to my brothers to help…..this organization Lahav, which spreads awareness and love of this mitzva through ways of pleasantness and proper explanation.
The blessed work of Lahav is well known to me. The classes that the couples receive at Lahav brings them close to Tahara in particular and Toras Yisrael in general. The actual beautiful center, the atmosphere, the warm approach all together contribute to the Kallot coming to love this mitzva. A yasher koach to Lahav, its staff and teachers on their great contribution….
….a “pleasant corner” that gives free service to our city, in preparing engaged couples for their wedding and their marriage. Their work is done with complete cooperation with us…the feedback that we have received from those that have learnt with them is enthusiastic and passionate…
…we work with complete cooperation with Lahav…whose teachers area all Yirai Shamayim….they understand how to present the material with a pleasant and engaging manner that enters the hearts of the Kallot.
come to endorse and give thanks to the important organization, Lahav…which has dedicated itself to promoting Tahara in Klal Yisrael through pleasant and proper instruction and explanation…this is the “cause of the hour” to increase the last surviving faith that beats in the hearts of all Jews, so we may be an “Am Segulah” and a “Holy Nation”…
The response we, the municipality, receive from the couples after they finish their classes at Lahav is filled with praise and thanks. I personally have seen how the unique explanations and teachings of the Lahav teachers, together with the respectful and non-judgmental atmosphere, are able to bring close even the most secular of Jews, who are far from any Jewish tradition. Lahav is successful in showing the beauty of authentic Judaism and its relevance in our day to Jews from all backgrounds.
In my years of public service I have yet to meet another organization with the level of professionalism of Lahav and how it runs like a swiss watch, yet at the same time has such heart, feeling and warmth….we have already seen in our city a great increase in the amount of women using the mikvah which is a direct result of the work of Lahav.
…the activities of this organization that has been giving free service in our city in helping prepare couples for their wedding and also offering assistance to them after the wedding. Their work is known to be welcoming and acceptable to both the secular and religious communities….

HaRav Simcha HaCohen Kook Shlit’a,
Chief Rabbi of Rechovot
Speaks about Lahav