Participant Feedback

“It caused a deep and soulful reflection and gave me an understanding of my religion many layers deeper than I had ever had or experienced before.  I am certain that this knowledge will help me keep more mitzvot in the future. It was all interesting, inspiring and enlightening.”


Donna – Fashion Designer

Tel Aviv

“Thank you!  I had many deep conversations regarding religion that were of great interest to me.  I feel that I received answers that were very logical but also came from the heart! “


Chava – Teacher


“ After the classes I took a hard look at it decided to truthfully take it upon myself to do this, something which came about only due to the classes I received. I wish that there was much more awareness about Taharat Mishpacha so that more women would (learn about it) and want to keep it.


Limor – Sales

Ma’ale Adumim

I came here just to check off another thing I had to do before my wedding and I came out connected to religion, something that I was totally against beforehand!  I now want to keep the mitzvah through true knowledge and understanding for all the benefits. My teacher Sari was simply amazing!!!  A thousand thank yous go out to her.”


Leital – Store Manager


“I come from a secular family with no connection to religion and this issue had no meaning in my eyes. After this learning experience, there is no doubt that Taharat Mishpacha will have a very important part in my life and accompany me in the building of my new home.  Janet is a very intelligent woman who teaches Taharat Mishpacha in a manner that is smart and deep but yet clear that leaves you with a taste to keep learning more and to implement this very important mitzvah, thank you for such an important experience.”


Liron – Attorney


“In the past I opposed and had objections to these issues, and now I am thinking in a positive way as to how to succeed at keeping this. I think that if there were more amazing teachers like Rivkah, many more women would learn about this amazing way of life.”


Orly – Communications Company


“My attitude certainly changed!  I didn’t expect the depth of it so I was really shocked.  Orly gave over the material in a very pleasant and understandable manner that all my suspicions and fears disappeared. I now see myself keeping the mitzvot which apply to me as a married woman.”


Meital – Prime Ministers Office


“My teacher was amazing, very attentive and patient.  All this, even though I came in with absolutely no background (I am secular), furthermore we immediately found a common language (bond) and she gave over the material with so much grace and pleasantness.  Thank you very much! The hadracha opened my eyes to certain points that I never knew existed, as well as to their importance.  Taharat Mishpacha will now have great meaning in my marriage.”


Shir – Law Student


“In truth, today after I have now finished the classes, I see that all my opinions regarding the topic were mistaken.  There is a tremendous amount of importance to mikva and Taharat Mishpacha.  I expanded my knowledge and am happy to try to keep it.  Racheli was very pleasant, speaks to you as an equal, she was fascinating and a lot of fun!


Neta – University Student


“I really ‘got it’ and it made so much sense to me to the point where I see it (TM) as a necessary component of marriage.  I totally did not expect that I would finish with this level of satisfaction!”


Inbal – Public Relations

Tel Aviv

“I came in as one person and walked out a different one.  Much more enlightened.  Malka opened my eyes and gave me great deal of clarity. I would never have imagined that it would be this way.  I am not a religious person, but Malka’s words touched my heart and I also found in them a tremendous amount of common sense.”


Limor – Graphic Designer


“My attitude towards Taharat Mishpacha changed as the great importance of it began to become revealed – In understanding the importance that these laws have in regard to the connection between couples also on the emotional level.”


Einat – Psychologist

Even Yehuda

“The classes were very interesting, innovative and productive.  There was a great rapport between the two of us and the conversation was extremely interesting.  Most important was that I came away from all this with a deeper understanding of the laws and exciting hopes for the happiest day of my life.”


Bella – Kindergarden Teacher


“After the classes my perception of Taharat Mishpacha changed.  The teacher was like someone paving the way for my marriage.  She gave over the material in such an intriguing manner and in sync with the understanding of how I live my life.”


Carmit – Social Worker


“Before these meetings I had no awareness of this concept.  In the merit of Janet, who with the passing of the classes introduced me to it, I will try to implement it into my life.  I loved the manner in which she taught the material and her understanding that I was a secular person who had no real connection to religion, it was specifically due to that acceptance and attitude that caused me to be open-minded to what she taught.”


Eddie – Foreign Exchange Trader


“Tali is amazing!  I was so scared and had such a phobia about these teachers, but Tali was so understanding. She listened and truly spoke to me as an equal! In the beginning I saw this topic as something very weird and distant from me, not in any way connected to me, but Tali presented the ideas so well – clearly and with such honesty that I became attached to it and started feeling feelings that I want to start keeping it.”


Illanit – Attorney


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