Follow Up Events

Lahav continues even after the wedding!  As part of Lahav’s post-class survey couples are asked if and how they would be interested in continuing the learning/connection. The couples also share which topic(s) interests them in particular.

The valuable feedback and response has been phenomenal!  The comfort the couples feel during their learning at Lahav encourages them to learn more about Judaism! Invited to take part in various learning opportunities they choose from phone chavrusas, lectures, weekend retreats, workshops, activities and tours.  The topics of learning — chinuch banim, self actualization through Torah, weekly Parsha or Chagim, etc — offers something for everyone!

Trusting that a Lahav event will be a positive experience, they eagerly take part. Indeed, many of the couples comment that this experience makes them realize how much Lahav teachers want THEM to succeed. They are impressed that there are no ulterior motives, no cash gain, no political slant, the only desire is to help THEM have a great marriage and to successfully build a healthy family based on Torah values.

Lahav also works together with many other outreach organizations and sets up couples with organizations including: Shishi Mishpachti, Kesher Yehudi, Ayelet Hasachar, Lev L’Achim, Shorashim, Mifgashim and Shamayim to name only a few!  Lahav has paired thousands of young couples with outreach organizations and centers around the country and maintains regular updates on each one.  Young couples, who before learning with Lahav WOULD NEVER HAVE IMAGINED walking into one of these centers, are now doing so willingly and taking part in the learning programs!  It only happened due to Lahav!