Kallah Classes

Lahav currently teaches over 3,000 secular couples each year through our personal, one on one classes!

By taking over these Rabbanut-mandated classes, (by making an agreement to provide these classes in place of the Rabbanut) we are providing these couples with a once in a lifetime positive experience that dramatically increases their understanding and appreciation of their religion and heritage. 

Lahav teams each Kallah up with her own personal teacher, trained to teach Taharas Hamishpacha to show Kallahs the beauty and wisdom of the Mitzvah and its ability to enhance their marriage. Each private class runs for close to two hours and every Kallah can have as many meetings as she wants. Our teachers’ accepting and non-judgmental Ahavas Yisrael encourages couples to ask us any questions regarding marriage or Judaism in general. Additionally, clear examples the couple can relate to are provided with openness and sensitivity, helping them realize how relevant Torah is to their lives.

At our tastefully decorated centers, couples learn in a warm, private, and respectful setting. The teachers give each Kallah all the time and attention that she deserves. Their personal bond is facilitated because the Kallah’s background, education, and language are all taken into account to match her up with the most compatible Lahav teacher. The Chatanim are included as well.

Enhancing these encounters is our flexible schedule from 9 am until 10 pm, allowing the Kallahs and Chatanim to take their classes when convenient, creating a relaxed and enjoyable personal experience. All of Lahav’s pre-marital classes are provided free of charge, regardless of how many meetings the couple desires.

This is a welcome and urgently-needed change to what had existed at the Rabbanut previously and still exists in many cities!  Rabbanut teachers who lack basic training and sensitivity, talk down to the couples, give over the material in an impersonal manner, telling them they will burn in gehenom or worse! Adding insult to injury is that the classes are given to large groups of women together, at inconvenient times, in uncomfortable settings and in an inadequate timeframe for the material. For many this is the first and possibly last time they will have anything to do with religion or religious people, they have been traumatized and turned off, possibly for life! The overwhelming majority of these couples walk away from these Rabbanut classes feeling that they were a waste of their time or even worse, had an extremely negative experience. This sad result at the Rabbanut leaves the couples walking out in a way that deepen the division between Jews.

In contrast, from the moment the young couples enter Lahav’s beautiful and comfortable surroundings they encounter the warmth and sensitivity of its staff and the Hadracha process. This leaves them with the indelible impression that Judaism is actually very different from what they thought. The success rate is phenomenal, with many Kallahs voluntarily returning for more classes than are required! After learning with Lahav, the majority of couples express their intention to keep the mitzvah of Taharas Mishpacha, in addition to an enthusiastic interest in learning more about Judaism! Read more in “Participant Feedback”.