Marriage Workshops

Lahav’s “Marriage Essentials” workshop is a combination of some of the world’s leading programs in the field of marriage education. This includes ideas from the world famous PAIRS, PREP, and Gottman methods, also used in the Shalom Workshops. More importantly, the workshops incorporate the wisdom and beauty of the Torah as transmitted to us through Chazal and the giants of Mussar and Machshava.

It is a two-part series given to groups of couples together that focuses on building strong marriages and preventing marital problems from developing. Topics include proper communication, conflict management, commitment, friendship, intimacy, problem-solving, and emotional supportiveness. The group workshops are interactive and conducted with exercises that accentuate the tools and concepts the couple can continue to use at home. See copy of workbook in “Educational Materials”.

Although the workshops may seem to have little religious content, they are truly “bein adom l’chavairo” concepts, as even the secular methods stem from Torah foundations. Additionally, the classes are run by frum facilitators, creating an inspiring Kiddush Hashem and helping break down stereotypes and misconceptions of religious Jews.

The History
Over the years, Lahav approached various Government ministries in its quest to receive government help. Unfortunately, the uniqueness of our project did not match any clear-cut category for funding. In 2011, Lahav met with staff from the Prime Ministers Office, and while intrigued by the scope and size of our program, they were unable to identify an appropriate budget category for funding.

However, the Prime Minister’s Office did note available funds for a project to strengthen new marriages. After closer inspection, they concluded that Lahav was involved with probably the largest amount of couples getting married in the country. Therefore, the Prime Minister’s Office offered that Lahav create and run a workshop series for these couples, in addition to the Lahav Chasan and Kallah classes.

This offer held great appeal for Lahav, as we had already long used our classes to promote Shalom Bayis. While Hilchos Taharas Mishpacha is one of the most powerful tools for long-lasting marriages, the teachers also provide additional tools: Jewish values like patience and respect, understanding and forgiveness, giving and communication. When nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, education of such values is sorely needed.

By 2012, Lahav had created and began running its “Marriage Essentials” workshop.