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Rebbitzen Kanievsky’s Power of Bracha

Although Rebbitzen Kanievsky has been taken from us and we are now bereft of her presence in this world, she still left us with her powerful brachos –brachos that were known to be fulfilled.  When her husband, Rav Chaim once felt ill, he travelled to his father-in-law Rav Elyashiv in Yerushalayim to ask for a bracha. Rav Elyashiv was surprised: “Ask your wife, my daughter for a bracha – her brachos are worth more than mine!” These special brachos can still be realized by helping Lahav.

These special
brachos can
still be realized
through helping

The Rebbitzen’s connection with Lahav

When the Rebbetzin first heard of Lahav’s activities it brought her great joy. She happily helped promote our work and blessed LAHAV that it should grow throughout Eretz Yisrael.

When we met with the Rebbitzen, despite huge crowds waiting for her, she did not want us to leave!  She wanted to keep hearing the latest updates and stories of inspiration and connection about Lahav couples.  When we asked for her approbation and written bracha, the Rebbetzin wasn’t satisfied with the prepared nusach, so she added even more divrei bracha BY HAND to bless supporters of Lahav before signing it!

Lastly, the Rebbetzin shared with us her own personal stories of how she herself promoted keeping Taharas Mishapacha amoung secular couples.  One secular woman married for 6 years without children came to the Rebbetzin to ask for help. The rebbetzin PROMISED HER A YESHUA if the woman would start keeping Taharas Mishpacha. Shortly thereafter, the woman began keeping this mitzva and was blessed with a child!

The connection

The Rebbitzen’s daughter, Rebbitzen Koledetzky, following in her mother’s footsteps, has been willing to meet women who have a connection to Lahav and are in need of a yeshua.  She too PROMISES them a yeshua if they strengthen their mitzva observance.

When visiting Rebbetzin Koledetzky recently to give her updates about our work, she said she remembers us very well and thinks about us often. She added her own handwritten diveri bracha to supporters of Lahav for blessings of children, health and parnasa.

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I come forward to bless all who strengthen the hands of those engaged in the holy work of creating Jewish homes of purity, built on a foundation of Torah and Halachah. All those who take upon themselves to support Lahav in their work in establishing future “kosher generations” will be blessed from Shamayim to quickly find their fitting zivug and to build an eternal home with an abundance of blessing, with all of their hearts desires fulfilled for good.

May this zchus endure for you forever, and may you merit seeing blessed and upright generations in happiness and prosperity.

B. Kanievsky




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To the leadership of the important organization “Lahav”, this important movement of Holy work to increase the establishment of homes in Yisrael (built) with Kiddusha and Tahara, whose activists are doing everything for the sake of Heaven with “misiras nefesh mamash”, through whom more than 15,000 families have merited to start keeping Taharas Mishpacha. May the merit of helping this important endeavor, which is the essence of Am Yisrael, stand for all those that donate generously. May these donors merit children, life, and parnasa, success, health and nachas. May Hashem fulfill all their hearts desires for good.

Bracha V’Hatzlacha,

L. Koledetzky